Monday, October 6, 2008

ModMum Sling Giveaway

Let me start by saying that I don't adhere to any specific "type" of parenting, unless "whatever the heck works today" is finally being heralded as the new hip method. That said, I'm a huge fan of baby wearing. Little L nursed pretty much for three months straight and if I hadn't had a sling or two to rely on I would either have gone mad or C would have gone hungry.

I started my sling wearing habit with a much loved handed-down ring sling which my sister sent my way when she learned of my predicament. But I graduated to a more stylish pouch style baby sling when Little L became a little bigger. If there's ever a next time around I'm skipping the ring sling all together.

From the day my ModMum Sling arrived it's been an essential item in my diaper bag. I might constantly need to hit my friends up for diapers, but I always have my sling. In fact, Little L loves the sling so much that it's now our preferred method of transportation, yes even over the stroller at times. When she's snugly riding my hip she's calm and content and if I let her she'd spend hours in there.

The ModMum baby slings are stylish and simple, two key elements for something you're going to rely on again and again. They fold up neatly and fit easily in any diaper bag. Even better, they're easy to care for and can be used no matter how young or old your baby might be. Not sure how to use your pouch sling? Check out the handy how to use a baby sling tutorials on the ModMum site.

Want to try one out for yourself? Here's your chance. The generous people at ModMum have given me one sling to give away to a lucky reader. All you have to do is head over to their site and come back here to let us know what sling you'd prefer and what size you need.
Want to put luck on your side? You get an extra entry if you email three friends about the giveaway, or if you blog about it, or link to it on Twitter. Be sure to link to both my site and the ModMum site, and of course come back to brag about your accomplishment so I know to give you extra chances.

Giveaway will run until Monday, October 13 at midnight. Come on now, don't you want your little munchkin to be this cozy?
And the winner is.... Sharon! Thanks to all of you for entering and for talking up the giveaway. I used to generate the winner.
Sharon, email me your address and I'll be sending your request and your info to ModMum so they can send you your new sling.
Everyone else, stay tuned, more exciting giveaways coming soon!
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