Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The love child of K'NEX and Sesame Street looks an awful lot like Elmo

K'NEX, creator of the awesome construction system teamed up with Sesame Street to create a line targeting their youngest little builders yet. The fun chunky construction toys have taken on faces of the Sesame Street gang, allowing young kids from 2-5 to assemble their beloved TV land friends.

When I first heard about the new line of K'NEX toys I really thought it would be right up Little L's alley. She's just starting to find that kind of toy intriguing, and she's the perfect age to become a major Elmo fan. But once I actually got my hands on a set I realized that C would get a lot more out of the experience.

I'll admit that at first I really thought that for the 2-5 age group maybe partnering with Noggin or Sprout would have been a better bet. C seems to have left our friends on Sesame Street behind her in her quest for more face time with Diego and Handy Many, but in retrospect I think that the Sesame Street/K'NEX match is nothing short of brilliant.

The characters are inherently familiar and come with built in self esteem boosters. Any possible frustration that your preschooler might encounter while trying to build something maybe a little more challenging than the usual tower is mitigated by the familiar friendly face of Elmo or Grover smiling up at them.

With a wide range of characters and prices ($10.99 - $31.99) available these friendly and motivating little guys are sure to be on many a holiday gift list this year. I'm thinking we need to add a Cookie Monster set to the list, you know, so I can "help" him eat a few cookies. Visit to see who you're going to add to your list!

Thumbs up for this fun and cute educational toy!
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