Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Smashies Apple Sauce - It's, well, smashing

One thing C is thrilled to discover in her lunchbox any day is apple sauce. She loves the taste, I love that it's healthy and easy. A win win if you ask me. So when I discovered that the lovely people at Luvli Foods, Inc. were repackaging apple sauce to make it even easier for everyone involved I was thrilled to give their new product a whirl.

Instead of little individual tubs of apple sauce which can't be closed once opened, which drive preschool teachers up the wall with the mess they cause, Smashies comes in handy little squeeze pouch, with, (get this!) a releasable top! I know! Brilliant!

- The apple sauce is delicious. No joke. Real apple taste, not too sweet, not too tart. I thought it was fantastic and both C and Little L scarfed them down.
- It's healthy - organic with no added sugar.
- Fun packaging that keeps lunchboxes and little hands clean.
- Resealable top so you can save leftovers for later, you know, if you have any.
- More flavors are coming!

- It's a brand new product so I foresee having to ask my local store to order it.
Sorry! I have nothing else, I really, really like this stuff!

This is a wonderful product and I can't wait to be able to get my hands on it regularly. I bet I'll always have a pouch in my bag and that C will eat lots and lots of it at school this year. In fact, after the way the preschool teachers reacted when she brought some last week I think many of her school friends will be getting some too.

Don't believe me? Well, you're in luck! You can either hurry over to the Smashies site and order a sampler pack right now for $14.99 (includes shipping) OR you can try to win a sampler pack right here.

Leave a comment below giving me an example of a situation when a pouch of apple sauce will come in handy. Tweet about the giveaway, blog about the giveaway, or tell three friends for an extra entry. Be sure to come back and mention what you did so I can give you credit! On Tuesday, October 21st at midnight I'll pick a lucky winner at random. Wheee.

ModMum sling winner announced at the bottom of the previous post!
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