Monday, June 2, 2008

The new buddy on the block

"Momma? Can I sleep with the flashlight?" C pleads as I'm tucking her into her big girl bed. I'm loath to say yes, how many batteries am I supposed to buy to feed her night light habit? But I understand the fear a dark room can spark and here are just no available outlets in her room for a traditional night light.

And then I found the perfect solution. The Tyke Light is a rechargeable, portable glowing night light shaped like a cute little ghost. You plug him in during the day and he stores up enough energy to glow all night long. Kids can carry him around, making it possible to find their way to the potty or to mommy and daddy's room in the dead of the night.

His three light settings: high, low, and low fading to off are handy, though maybe a tad bright for a night light, but the ease of operation more than makes up for a little extra light. Some nights C doesn't even want him on, she just makes sure she knows where he is so she can turn him on if she gets scared.

A very definite thumbs up for this cute little buddy who comes in six fun colors.
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