Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just try it.

Every decision I make always seems momentous, like it's the be all end all way things are going to end up. The stress this causes is paralyzing, what if I make the wrong choice? What if I choose the wrong path?

For years I was convinced that there was no such thing as a "wrong choice". I told myself that once a decision was made the only option was to make sure that it was the right one. I made sure to head down my chosen path with a sure step, no looking back, no second guessing. Pick something and then commit.

To be fair, when you are a teenager or a young adult, waffling is not really an option. There are huge life changing decisions waiting around each corner and indecision can be disastrous. To make things worse you have a skewed notion of time and it feels as though each choice you make will affect the rest of your life. Then you grow up and you realize that what you thought was a long time is really just a hiccup along the road of your life.

I think I've finally grown up. While I still believe in making any choice be the right one, I no longer believe that every decision is set in stone. One of the great things about life is that it's long, definitely long enough to try new things just for the sake of seeing how they work for you.

Want a new hobby? Take a class or two. If it turns out to not be your thing, all you've wasted is a little money and a little time. The knowledge you've gained, both about the subject and about yourself, is well worth it.
Bored with your career? Life is long, maybe it's time to start researching a new field. It's a win win situation. Either you'll discover that you are in the right job, or you'll find something that's better suited to your strengths.
Itching to spread your wings? Go! If you hate the place you're headed, you can always go back.
Next time you are faced with a fork in the road, don't torture yourself, chose the road that feels right to you, then give yourself a deadline. When that time is up, if you're miserable, you'll know it's time to try something else, and if you're happy, then you'll know you made the right choice.
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