Sunday, May 18, 2008

Her father's daughter - Jammin' with her microphone

It arrived in the mail and I tore into the package with kidlike excitement. The folks at Team Mom had been hyping the new Baby Jamz toy line for weeks and I was thrilled to finally get my mitts on the toys. For C, of course. Heh.

The little blue Baby Jamz Jammin' Microphone has the heft, look, and feel of a real mic and C couldn't wait to rip it out of my hands to try it out. As soon as she started to push buttons and sing into it I grabbed my roll of duct tape. The music is cute but way loud so I applied my own brand of silencer to the speaker on the back. One thick layer of duct tape later and the noise level was tolerable.

The buttons are pretty self explanatory: record, play back, sing along, or just play the prerecorded music. Easy enough for an almost three year old to figure out on her own. (Which is a good thing because in the scuffle we lost the instructions... oops.) Weeks later C still hunts this toy out on a regular basis to belt out a tune or give us a quick concert. She loves to record herself singing to the recorded tracks, and we have to admit, M and I get a kick out of recording little messages for her.

Thumbs up Baby Jamz! For $9.97 this toy is definitely a good choice for a kid's present or even for your own budding recording star!
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