Friday, March 19, 2010

American Baby Photo Contest! Not too late to enter!

Nothing makes me want to grab my camera more than sunshine filtering through leaves while my kids are rolling around playing on the grass. Luckily for me, Spring is just a day away and the sun has shown up right on time!

Unfortunately for me my kids are too old to be entered in The American Baby photo contest. (The photo to the left was taken two summers ago. Oh... my baaabeeee... she has gotten so big since then!)

Yours might not be though!

The deadline for contest entry is March 31. Ages of the kids have to be between three months and 24 months as of the date of entry. The grand prize winner will be featured on the cover of the August issue of American Baby.

Come on. Admit that you've always believed that your baby could be a cover model! This is your big chance to see that dream come true!

Parents can visit the American Baby website to see a list of the most frequently asked questions. One question that always comes up is how are the winners picked, and it’s no secret! It’s one-third the child’s appearance, one-third the child’s personality as reflected in the photo, and one-third the quality of the photo. The best thing parents can do is just upload what they think are the most compelling photos of their little one.  Feel free to check out the official American Baby contest video to learn more.

The great folks at American Baby have a few suggestions for how to capture the perfect shot:

  1. Remember how professionals get all those gorgeous shots? They take lots and lots of shots to get that one good one, so take a ton of photos.
  2. Photo judges don’t really take to cranky babies, so capture your child in a happy moment – not too posed – so it reflects your baby’s personality.
  3. Don’t cover up the beautiful little one – no big hats or towels, just the cute baby will do fine!
  4. Simple backgrounds are best. Try to remove clutter so that the focus of the picture is your adorable baby.
  5. Often times the best shots are taken spontaneously, so keep your camera handy during this period.
Want some more advice on how to take great pictures of your kids - for the contest and for yourself? Check out this blog post I wrote on the Tiny Prints blog back in November: Tips for taking great pictures of your kids.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and take gorgeous pictures of your babies!

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