Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gift Guide for Tireless Moms

Moms just do. We get up in the morning no matter how little we've slept. We get through the day no matter how much is thrown our way. We don't question, we don't complain (much), we just do.

So take a second this year and think beyond the bath salts and get your mom something awesome for this holiday season. Need some ideas to get you started? Read on.

1) The iPhone.
OK, fine, you might not be an AT&T customer, but I guarantee you that the iPhone is at the top of every mom's wishlist this holiday season. That or another awesome smart phone. So she can Tweet, Facebook, text, and connect with her friends no matter where she happens to be - soccer field, grocery store, or even the library. Oh yeah, and so she can manage the family's calendar and stuff...

2) An eBook Reader - the Barnes & Nobles Nook, an Amazon Kindle, or a Sony Reader.
Granted there's nothing like finishing an awesome book and handing it over to your best friend over a cup of coffee, but there's also something to be said to never being without something to read. You know, for those hours moms spend waiting in the car and everywhere else.

3) A Camera!
Go with a fancy DSLR or a more modest point and shoot, but a mom with a camera in hand is a happy mama who can capture every moment that she's scared she'll forget.

Sure it's a bit cheesy and definitely overdone. So it's a good thing that massages, mani-pedis, and facials can be enjoyed over and over again. Want to make it extra special? Get her two, one for her and one for her best friend, it's like two gifts in one - the massage and a girl's afternoon out.

5) A Year of Coffee.
A latte here, a venti here, it adds up, but it's a small price to pay for a moment of zen in the middle of the chaos that fills a mother's day. Make that moment even sweeter by sparing her the mad 'hunt-for-change-under-the-cars-seats' dance.

Fine, not everyone can afford a regular cleaning service, but a one time clean-up won't break the bank and will be an incredibly welcome treat for even the most zen mom out there. You see, a cleaning service is going to clean behind the chair that mom always ignores, and she's going to dust the top of those light fixtures that are always forgotten. For about five minutes the house is going to sparkle. Then someone is going to track in mud or spill something, but those five minutes will be well worth it.

7) A new car.
Oh, who am I joking. Nothing could replace the beat up mom car packed to the gills with toys, sippy cups, and cheerio crumbs.

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