Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bella Sara Expands Their Line - Review

I first reviewed Bella Sara in December and now I'm taking a
look at two of their brand new products. March is a big month for our horsey friends!

Bella Sara Miniatures

First the interactive game company has just managed to make their game even more tangible, collectible, and irresistible, by coming out with a line of Miniature Collectibles. These teeny tiny velvety soft figurines are sold in individual packets ($1.99 - 5yo+) and come with a code that unlocks fun items and extra horseshoes on the Bella Sara site.

Bella Sara Miniature Pros:
- The figurines are irresistible to kids. My own two have been fighting to play with them ever since I opened the packets.
- The designs are neat and quite detailed.
- It's fun to have a tangible version of the figurines you see on the site.

Bella Sara Miniature Cons:
- The chemical smell assails you as soon as you open the packet. If you are sensitive to strong smells or you are worried about exposing your child to chemicals you might want to steer clear of these. (That said, the smell does dissipate after a while.)
- These really are just collectibles, not toys.

Bella Sara Treasures

Bella Sara Treasures are the eighth series of Bella Sara cards. Instead of each card portraying a different pony or horse, instead the Treasures card unlock, well, treasures! To make the packet ($2.99) even more fun it comes with a sheet of tattoos and a sheet of stickers.

Bella Sara Treasures Pro:
- These packs expand the fun on the site by giving you access to printable activities and fun new objects that you can enjoy on the Bella Sara site.
- From now through April 30th Bella Sara is giving fans a chance to win an exciting Treasure Hunt party of their own! Click through for details.

Bella Sara Treasures Con:
- Kids who were hoping to add to their herd will be disappointed to see that this series doesn't allow them to do that.

So two new fun additions to the Bella Sara line. Remember, click here to see my original review of the Bella Sara site.

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