Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bella Sara Review

When I was a kid we collected cards. They all came in little shiny packets with a stick of extremely stale gum. Remember that gum? It always crumbled and tasted terrible, but we always ate it, or at least I did, I'm not one to pass up candy of any kind.

Today kids collect cards that come with Internet codes; infinitely cooler than stale gum (and not as bad for your teeth) especially when the cards are Bella Sara cards and the code gives you access to brand new ponies and horses. No, not real horses, virtual horses, the kind you can brush, feed, clean up after, and play games with all from the safety and warmth of your home. I know! How crazy!

Bella Sara Pros:
- The Bella Sara horses come in all shapes and sizes from foals (babies) to flying magical beauties. The Bella Sara site is very nicely constructed and could bring many a little girl endless hours of pleasure. Girls are responsible for caring for their horses and can play games to win them extra "stuff." New games are introduced on a regular basis, so the playing never gets stale. (Unlike that gum that I can't stop thinking of.)
- Very fun engaging interactive site, with awards, and games, and glitter! Such fun for young girls!
- The site is 100% secure and does not offer a way for online interaction with other site users.
- The site has a parent section where you can check in and see how your child has been playing.
- Bella Sara cards (available for $2 or so per pack at most big box stores) open up more aspects of the site and grant you extra horses to care for, but children can start playing even before getting cards.
- Inspirational quotes! Need I say more?

Bella Sara Cons:
- At times the site runs a bit slow, but I was able to play a number of the games with no issues.

All in all this is a lovely game that I can see young girls enjoying online and in the schoolyard for a long time to come!

Buy Bella Sara cards here and play Bella Sara here. Have fun!
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