Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Peek-a-who? Peek-a-Zoo!

We have a little thing about books in our house. They kind of cover every possible surface: bookshelves, coffee tables, dining room table, night stands, floor. You get the picture.

C has always been surrounded by books. By default so has Little L. We read to them and they read to themselves. OK. Fine, what they do is more akin to just looking at pictures and making up stories that go with them, but that totally counts.

Until I got a copy of the adorable Little Scholastic Peek-A-Zoo book Little L wasn't particular about her books. She'd sit for part of any story we were telling C then wander away to chew on some blocks. Or she'd pick up a book for a moment only to discard it a minute later. But then I pulled out this big colorful board book and sat her on my lap and we read it over and over and over again. She turned the pages and checked out each and every image. She patted the elephant and cooed at herself in the mirror. She said hi to the baby and poked her fingers through all the openings. And when she was done she did it all again.

Unlike many new toys the attraction for this book hasn't worn off. It's still her favorite way to spend a quiet few minutes and it's one of the only distractions that will quell a raging tantrum in the car. That makes it my favorite book in our extensive library.

Definitely a thumbs up for this fun little board book!

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