Friday, May 11, 2007

The "No Self Disparagement Zone"

The fun here, it never ends! Sometimes there will be answers to questions, and sometimes it'll just be me telling you what I think, just because. Aren't you lucky? When you are all tired of hearing me just talk to myself, please ask me something, I'll be more than happy to help. Really!
In the meantime, onto the topic of the day...
How many of us stand in front of the mirror in the morning and groan? "I hate my hair." "My nose is so big." "Look at that zit!" Any of that sound familiar? You get in the shower and you are already depressed about how you look. By the time you are dressed you feel pretty crummy about yourself and it shows in everything you do throughout the day.
Years ago I met a woman who was handing out doorknob hangers inscribed with the words "No Self Disparagement Zone" in bold red letters. I loved the idea. It was so novel! A room, in the house, where I couldn't say anything bad about myself! Brilliant! I never actually hung the thing on my bathroom door, but every morning I can picture it swinging there, reminding me to be nice to myself.
For a few months it was slow going. I had to stop myself mid-thought, but after a while the nice comments came more easily and I found more and more things I liked about myself. It's done wonders for my self confidence.
Your homework for the weekend is simple. Go out there and like yourself! No, seriously! For every negative thought you have about your body or your appearance I want you to think of three nice things to say to yourself. If you can't think of three separate things, just repeat the same one three times, but make it convincing! I guarantee it'll make you feel better about yourself.
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