Friday, June 12, 2009

Lily on the Fly Review

It's 6pm, the kids are hungry. Your significant other has just called to say s/he was running late. You're fried and out of inspiration. So what are you going to cook? Chicken nuggets? Fish sticks? Hot dogs? It's not like you have the ingredients on hand for anything else, right?

Well, you would if you had Lily on the Fly to help you.

Lily on the Fly is a neat little kit that takes all the hassle and guesswork out of menu planning, grocery list making, and creating healthy fun meals that actually change from week to week.

Created by a mom who understood the challenge all too well, and awarded the 2008 iParenting Best Product award, Lily on the Fly is a simple system that will easily get you in the habit of planning healthful weekly menus.

The kit consists of a plastic recipe card holder that sticks to your fridge and a large number of handy recipe cards that feature tasty but simple recipes on one side and a list of ingredients (sorted by grocery store section!) on the other.

At the start of the week flip through the cards and select the ones that you want to make during the week. Slip them into the holder in the order you plan to use them, then grab your holder and head to the store. At the end of the day, take out the cards you've used and put them back in the deck. When the holder is empty start the whole thing again.

Want more recipes to play with? Lily on the Fly offers add on packs to spice up your rotation! Have family favorites you want to include? Lily on the Fly offers blank cards so you can adapt your own recipes to the system.

Lily on the Fly Pros:

- The recipes are tasty and simple to assemble, making this a low stress way to organize your families meals.
- The recipes are diverse and cover everything from breakfast to desert and include snacks. Even better they cover a large range of cooking methods from slow cooking to grilling.
- Three recipe packs and the make your own card pack mean that you can try new recipes every week while holding on to tried and true family favorites.

Lily on the Fly Cons:

- The original plastic holder was a bit bulky to fit into a purse, but Lily on the Fly has just come out with a little pocket version that would be ideal for people who are always on the go and want to keep their recipes on hand for those last minute trips to the store.
- The only thing the cards themselves are missing is a spot to write quick, post meal notes about what you might change or how much your family liked the meal.

If you're looking to start menu planning and getting your family's meals organized this is the tool for you! And if you ever make the Sour Cream Blue Berry Muffins don't forget to invite me over. OK?

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