Friday, May 1, 2009

For My Mother - Reflection Journal - Review

The best gift you can ever give your mom is memories. Pictures of favorite moments, beautiful Mother's Days, or, even better, a journal compiling stories, thoughts, and reflections on your relationship.

Now, not all moms are into sentimental stuff. My mother for one might possibly roll her eyes if I ever sent her something as touchy-feely as a journal filled with reflections on our relationship. But I know quite a few moms who would cry over this adorable book created by Lil' Angels Gifts.

Each page of the For My Mother journal features a writing prompt like "I'm proud to have you as my mother because..." or "A hard lesson you've taught me, but I'm thankful for..." and plenty of space, three whole pages of space in fact, for you to write in the answer. It won't take you just five minutes to fill out this journal, but when you're done you'll have a lovely book compiling all the positive aspects of what might be one of the most complex relationships in your life.

For My Mother journal pros:

- The book is made with lovely quality paper - smooth and thick.
- The writing prompts are basic, but cover everything you'd ever want your mom to know, but probably never get a chance to say.
- The table of contents located at the front and the numbered pages make it easy to quickly skip to the section of your choice.

For My Mother journal cons:

- I wish that the book weren't just spiral bound. Even though it's a thick substantial spiral, I feel that a journal like this would benefit from having a real book binding.
- This really is a very sentimental look at the mother-child relationship, some funny prompts might have made it a bit more palatable for moms like mine who get a bit uncomfortable when stuff gets too touchy-feely.

Where you can find the For My Mother journal:
This journal is sold on the Lil' Angels Gifts site for $23.99.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Lil' Angels Gifts and I was not paid for this review though I did receive the product for free. I won't be sending it to my mother. She'd roll her eyes. But I might be sending it to my mother-in-law. She won't roll her eyes, instead she might cry. They're different like that.

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