Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chic Tots Travel Blanket/Bag Review

If you hadn't noticed yet, babies come with stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. You can never just pick up your child and jet. No, instead you have to gather boatloads of supplies before you leave. Just to go to the park you have to remember the blanket, diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, drinks, hats, sunscreen, and even maybe a lovey. It's a pain. Literally.

No, what if instead of having to carry a bag and a blanket you could carry a bag that was a blanket? Brilliant, right? The people at Chic Tots thought so! They designed a nifty little bag that doubles as a small blanket.

While the bag wouldn't probably ever double as your regular diaper bag - it doesn't have the kinds of pockets you would probably want to stash all your usual baby paraphernalia and it doesn't close all the way - it's the perfect sidekick for a trip to the park or the beach.

Throw your diapers, toys, and snacks onto the blanket, grab the straps and pull the bag closed. When you arrive at your destination, place the bag on the ground and open it up to reveal a soft fuzzy blanket for your baby. Brilliant.

Go the extra mile and invest in the matching diaper Wristlet, which can hold a couple diapers and some wipes, and you're set for a ton of fun outings!

Chic Tots Travel Blanket/Bag Pros:

- Snazy patterns that you won't mind carrying around.
- Practical combination of blanket and bag, leaving you free to carry one less item on your outings.
- Super soft fake fur lining that will keep your baby cozy and warm.
- Can be used as a back pack, shoulder bag, tote, or stroller bag.
- Fully machine washable.

Chic Tots Travel Blanket/Bag Cons:

- The blanket is not very big, just 29x38 inches. So it's big enough for a baby to sit and play on, but not big enough for any other member of the family to share.
-The straps a bit tight, so it's not all that easy to transform the blanket into a bag. I would think that it would get easier as the bag loosens up with use.
- This isn't a one handed transformation product. You need both hands to convert the blanket into a bag or vice versa. By the same token transforming the bag into a shoulder bag or a back pack requires the use of both hands.
- The bag doesn't close completely, making it impractical as a day to day diaper bag.

As the weather warms up and the trips to the park multiply you'd do well to invest in this handy little bag. I guarantee you'll get a lot of use out of it! Chic Tots products are just about to hit the shelves at some major retailers, but in the meantime check out all their other fabulous products here.

Disclaimer: I received both the Chic Tots blanket bag and wristlet for review, but I was in no other way compensated for this post. The opinions listed here are all my own.

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