Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Higher Higher & Happy Baby Sad Baby - Reviews of the Leslie Patricelli books

You all know how much we love books around here, so you won't be surprised to learn that we've found more books that we love. Until I received two Leslie Patricelli books I can't say I'd ever noticed her books on shelves before, now I'm resisting the urge to go out and buy the whole collection.

Baby Happy Baby Sad is a simple board book showing the roller-coaster of emotions that babies confront every day. Happy to have ice cream! Sad when you drop it! Sad when you slip! Happy again when mommy picks you up!

Little L is just learning to pick up on emotional cues and she loves to flip through the pages pointing out the sad babies. She always asks "Why cwayin?" Then we talk about why the baby is sad and what makes him happy again. Suggested price $6.99.

Higher! Higher! is just as simple, but with paper pages instead. Gorgeous pictures show the simple tale of a quasi-magical ride through the air on the upswing of a slide. C loves to pretend that she's the little girl flying so high, and Little L just gets a kick out of reading the story to herself and noticing all the little details on the page - the cat in the window of the skyscraper, the doggy at the window of the plane. Suggested price $15.99, but on "just released" sale at Amazon right now.

Baby Happy Baby Sad & Higher! Higher! pros:
- Gorgeous images that look like they've been painted on canvas before being turned into whimsical books.
- Sweet characters that any child could easily relate to.
- Very simple and effective story lines that babies and young children never tire of hearing over and over again.

Baby Happy Baby Sad & Higher! Higher! cons:
- Well, the only con here, and I'd like to point out that M is the only one with this issue, the stories are very repetitive and simple. He gets tired of repeating the same words over and over again. I disagree. I think the simplicity of the words is what makes these books so much fun!

Clearly C and Little L agree with me!

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