Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Too Hot Tot Bling Review

Babies wear onesies. Lots of onesies. There are the hand-me-downs, the gifts, the collectibles from trips and memorable events. There are some with long sleeves and some with short sleeves, some that are easy to button, and some that are so irritatingly hard to snap that they live in the back of the drawer with all the other rejects. We have them all, but it's pretty safe to say that there isn't a single stylish one in the bunch.

Well, now, thanks to Too Hot Tot Bling, that's no longer true.

Today Little L is sporting a onesie that's both cute and stylish. Their personalizable bling covered onesies are so adorable that all my friends covet the one Little L wears with pride. Whenever she sees someone she pulls the shirt away from her belly and proclaims loudly "Pweety! Pweety!" just in case they hadn't noticed her sparkly name and crown. Luckily she has a pretty uncommon name or I'm sure someone would have "borrowed" it already.

Too Hot Tot Bling Onesie pros:
- The onesies are originally from Carter's so you know you're getting a quality item that's both soft and durable.
- After numerous washes and tumbles in the dryer the bling has stayed put perfectly.
- Customizable! Or not! It's your choice.
- Totally, incredibly adorable.
- Comes wrapped in a sweet little muslin bag. Perfect for baby showers or new baby gifts.

Too Hot Tot Bling Onesie cons:
- It is a onesie so she will outgrow it sooner than if it were a T-shirt. That said, Toddler/Kids sizes are available on special order.
- Slightly on the pricey side - $20 for short sleeved $25 for long sleeved - but not astronomical as far as classy gifts go, and as I said, the durability is amazing.

Where can you find Too Hot Tot Bling Onesies:
Hop on over to the Too Hot Tot Bling blog to order your very own adorable onesie. While you're there check out the other fun custom made things you can order! Blinged out sneaks anyone?

Win a Too Hot Tot Bling Onesie:
One lucky The Lemonade Stand reader is going to win a Too Hot Tot Bling onesie of his or her very own! No, not Little L's, she's not giving hers up!
To do so:
- Go visit the Too Hot Tot Bling blog and browse around. Come back and leave a comment letting us know which short sleeved onesie you have your eye on. Don't forget to let us know what size you need! Don't forget to make sure to leave an email or a way for me to contact you!
- In your comment tell us about your favorite shirt as a child, you know, the one your mom had to wash every day because you couldn't live without it! Didn't have one? Tell us about your child's current favorite.
- For extra entries Tweet, blog, or email your friends about this giveaway. Then come back and leave a comment telling us what you did.
- Sign up for this blog's feed or It's my life...'s blog feed. Then come back and leave a comment telling us what you did.

Contest will run until Wednesday, February 11 at 10pm PST. Winner will be announced on Thursday, February 12.

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