Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amazing Baby Books - Review & Giveaway

It's no secret that around here we love books. Especially adorable little board books with fun cutouts. The Silver Dolphin Amazing Baby books are no exception.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to review Five Little Ducks!
and Rainbow Fun! Both of which have become instant favorites in our home.

Five Little Ducks! is a cute little story that every mom can relate to on some level. A mama calls and her little ducks don't always come back. Each page one more duck goes missing. Of course at the end they all come back, safe and sound, much to everyone's delight.
This book is great for budding little counters. Each page represents a number and multiple opportunities to count it - flowers, ducks, cutouts! The last page features all the little ducklings and a fuzzy worried mama that toddlers can pat for comfort.
Budding readers will appreciate the simple text and the fact that the relevant numbers are bolded for easy spotting.

Rainbow Fun! focuses on teaching children the colors of the rainbow. (OK, if we're going to be picky, the book explores primary and secondary colors rather than the actual colors of the rainbow since it uses the words blue and purple instead of indigo and violet, but whatever.) Each page features a different color and sweet little characters that will keep your child entertained. The last page rewards you with a sparkling rainbow and all the friends that you've made along the way.
Once again, budding readers will be able to easily spot the bolded names of the colors.

Amazing Baby Books Pros:
- Bright, colorful, chunky little board books that are sure to find a welcome home on your shelf.
- At $5.95 per book these are more affordable than many board books on the market.
- Educational books that will grow with your child and entertain toddlers and preschoolers both.

Amazing Baby Books Cons:
-Five Little Ducks! brought out the panicky mommy in me. Why are these duckies disappearing without anyone going out after them? In the end everything is fine, but it does make you wonder who cared for them while they were gone. (I might need to get out more. That's entirely possible.)
-Rainbow Fun! doesn't have a running story, each page can stand alone, so it's not a given that your child will sit through the whole book. But, then again, what ever guarantees that a toddler will listen to the end of a story?

In conclusion, next time you're looking for a sweet little board book as a gift or for your own little one you should definitely snap these guys up!

Amazing Baby Books Giveaway:
Thanks to the generosity of Silver Dolphin Books, one lucky The Lemonade Stand reader will win both of these books!

To win:
- Visit the Silver Dolphin Book site and browse around. Come back and leave a comment letting us know which book caught your eye.

- OR leave a comment telling us which is your child's favorite book this week.

- For extra entries Tweet, blog, or email your friends about this giveaway. Then come back and leave a comment telling us what you did.

- Sign up for this blog's feed or It's my life...'s blog feed. Then come back and leave a comment telling us what you did.

Don't forget to make sure to leave an email or a way for me to contact you!

Contest will run until Wednesday, March 4 at 10pm PST. Winner will be announced on Thursday, March 5. This contest is now closed. Stay tuned for more great opportunities!

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