Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vtech - KidiJamz Studio Review

It came in a big box and the boys tore into the packaging as soon as the children went to bed. Oh, yes, you read that right. My husband and the friend who was visiting sent the kids to bed and then played with their toy. And not just for five minutes!

I have to admit, the Vtech - KidiJamz Studio is ridiculously cool. It has a ton of neat sound effects and a great keyboard. Kids can record themselves singing and can save everything they play to a cute little MP3 player that comes off and can be carried around. See? Ridiculously cool!

Vtech - KidiJamz Studio pros:
- This toy obviously appeals to a broad range of ages. My husband, who happens to be a musician is still mesmerized by all the fun options, and both my girls (who were finally allowed to play with their toy!) had a blast making their own music.
- I'm not a huge fan of loud toys, but any toy that inspires creativity gets a big thumbs up in my book.
- The music quality is great and I have a hunch that M is going to be taking advantage of this toy to give C some basic musical instruction. Soon we'll have our very own band!

Vtech - KidiJamz Studio cons:
- It's not the smallest of toys, so if space is an issue you might want to take that into account. That said, it is smaller than a piano...

Retailing at around $59.99 the Vtech - KidiJamz Studio would make a great family gift if you happen to be looking for a group gift for a family or a great gift for that musical child in your life!

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