Saturday, November 1, 2008

Aquadoodle Draw n' Doodle Review

In a houseful of little artists you can bet that I've had my eye on this toy for a long while. I kept not buying it and expecting someone to get it for C for a birthday or some other gifty type of event. And yet, the Aquadoodle never made it into the stash of gifts. So imagine my excitement when one arrived the other day for us to review. It was kinda hard to tell who was more excited to open the water drawing toy, C or me.

She grabbed the pen while I was busy opening the bag and we both hunkered down to doodle. Well, OK, I hunkered and doodled and C waited patiently as long as she could. Her "Mommy, it's my turn now!" shamed me just enough to hand over the funky water filled pen so she could get some coloring time.

The Aquadoodle Draw n' Doodle did not disapoint. I love the simplicity of the toy. No mess, no fuss, just add water and you're good to go!

Aquadoodle Pros
- Nothing could be simpler. Talk about plug and play. Open the box, roll out the mat, fill the pen with water, and presto! tons of fun for everyone.
- The mat is really big so C had a nice large space to color and doodle.
- The little drawings all around the border are really cute and easy to follow if you want to learn to draw a dog, house, sun, or even people.

Aquadoodle Cons
- I wish it dried a hair faster. C colors and colors and then the canvas is covered and she loses interest while it dries. If it dried a hair faster she'd play with it much longer.
- I wish it folded up a bit smaller. It's designed to roll up into one long tube, but if I could fold it and then roll it we'd take it with us when we visit friends or family.
- I wish it came with more than one pen so my girls would stop arguing over who gets to color next! Though I bet I can find one if I search a bit.

In conclusion this is a great toy especially for those budding artists who don't really get that markers and couches are not meant to be friends. (Not that my girls would ever do that...)

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