Monday, November 3, 2008

Shape Up Shoes Shaping you up!

Let me guess, you never have time to exercise. I know. Trust me, I know. I have two little kids and a fledgling freelance business. I know how exercise always takes a backseat to everything else. And then, one day, you go shopping and you wonder what the heck happened. Who is that person in the mirror? Why do those jeans feel so tight? What is going on?

I'm also willing to bet that you spend quite a bit of time standing around in your house. No? A minute here while the water boils, five minutes there while the kids eat, ten minutes way over there while you fold laundry? What if I told you that there was a way to harness all those minutes spent standing around your house and make them work for you? That in just 30 minutes a day you could get a lifted tush, stronger legs, and a tighter core?

Interested much?

Yeah, I thought so.

Shape Up Shoes has come up with a great way to get in shape while doing all the usual stuff you do at home. They work hardest when you're standing still, but even racing around the house after a busy toddler will help you get trimmer faster.

Shape Up Shoes Pros
I'm usually barefoot around the house so it's easy for me to slip into the Shape Up Shoe flip flops. I wear them as I'm feeding the kids and making dinner for M and me. Within a few minutes I can feel my leg muscles start to complain about the unexpected workout. It makes me feel great to be multitasking so efficiently!
After just a few weeks of trying out the shoes I swear my stomach is already a little flatter and tighter. Very exciting!

Shape Up Shoes Cons
I live in California so I can get away with being barefoot most of the year. But some nights it is COLD and I do not want to be barefoot. So, instead of wearing my super cool Shape Up Shoes I walk around in my socks, and my butt and thighs just don't get the same workout. If it's cold where you live you might want to consider investing in a pair of Shape Up clogs instead, even though they're rumored to not work quite as well.

Still don't believe me that this shoes are great? Fine, try them for yourself. I have one pair of shape up shoes to giveaway to a lucky reader. Take a spin around the Shape Up Shoes site and come tell me your size and favorite color*. Extra entries awarded to anyone who Tweets, blogs, or emails three friends about the giveaway. (Be sure to come back and leave a comment boasting about how you spread the word so I can be sure to give you credit! Please note, if you do not leave an email address in the appropriate field I will not be able to contact you if you are a winner and another person will be chosen. I do not share your contact information with anyone and no one other than me sees the information you list.) Contest ends on Sunday, November 9 at midnight Pacific time.

*Due to limited stock on certain colors, you might not get the color of your choice. If the color of your choice is not available Shape Up Shoes will send you a black pair. Very stylish.
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