Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome back Banana Splits!

Remember that funky show with those huge singing and dancing animals from the 60s? Yeah, me neither, but that's OK! Because they're back and now we get to discover The Banana Splits right along with our beloved kiddos.

Starting September 2, The Banana Splits are going to star in their very own comedy shorts and music videos on Cartoon Network. Now I know you're thinking that the last thing we need is more grown-ups dressed in funky animal costumes singing and dancing around a stage. But trust me these guys are no Barney. The music is good and the shows are actually goofy funny. Well, funny if you're 5. But the music really is good! Honest!

You really don't believe me? Despite all the good kid music advice I've given you? Fine, be that way, but you can go hear them here for yourself on the as yet not launched site, you lucky dog. And take your kids with you because they have games, videos, and jokes that they are going to love.

Go forth and rock out. Or as C loves to say "Less talkin', more rockin'!"
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