Thursday, May 17, 2007


In a meeting at work today we discussed what it takes to really immerse oneself in a moment. What can you do to really experience something so intently that it almost takes on the appearance of a religious moment? (I work with religious types, many of our meetings center on deep philosophical topics. I know, it's weird.)
We've all, at some point or another, had a day, an hour, or even five minutes where everything seemed perfect. Where the harmony of the moment seemed momentous. The stars align, the world stands still and perfection is attained. The fact that it never lasts is part of the magic.
The focus of the meeting changed and then, at long last, ended, but I didn't stop thinking about this elusive perfection that we had discussed. I pondered what it would take to feel that way more often, to reach that state more than once in a blue moon.
In the end I realized that all it would take is a little more surrender and a little less control. When I look back at some of those harmonious moments flickering here and there in my past, their common denominator is not the person I was with or the place I was standing, it's my frame of mind. I've only reached that state of perfection when I've been willing to surrender and let the moment take me where it wants to go.
If we are too often on our guard, too often double checking and second guessing, then we are too busy watching our lives to really be in the moment. It's my biggest flaw. I am so terrified of loosing control, even for a minute, that I never let go. I am always three moves ahead of the game, anticipating every little thing that could happen. Enough! I want to experience more perfect harmonious moments, I want to live my life rather than observe it from a safe distance. It's time to surrender and spend more time in the moment and less in the future.
Who's with me?
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